His Eminence Bishop Benjamin Boni, President of the annual conference of the United Methodist Church Côte-d´Ivoire,

His Excellency Isaac Bodjé, Secretary of the EMUCI Conference,

The Reverend Michel Lobo, Superintendent of the Abidjan-Nord district,

The Reverend Philippe Adjobi, Superintendent of the Abidjan-Sud district,

The Reverend Fulgence Koffi, Inspector of EMUCI,

The  Reverend  Samuel  N’Drin  Alléké,  Superintendent  of  the  Sikensi district,

The Reverend Pastor Didier Becken Kokobe, Senior Pastor in charge of the Beatitudes temple in Abidjan-Plateau,

The Board of Directors of the Methodist University of Côte-d'Ivoire, The parish council, the Agape Methodist Class and the EMU community Beatitudes Abidjan Plateau,

The extended Agouaye family and allies in Bakanou B, Agnimangbo, Kôtôkôdji, Adangba Ebi,

The extended Becedï Tetchi Bôssô family in Bakanou A,

Mrs Angoran Adèle and children Marie Kacou, brothers, and sisters in Bakanou B S/P of Sikensi and Abidjan,

Captain Kacou Amani Vincent and children Léa Kacou, brothers and sisters in Abidjan, in France and in Belgium,

The children of the late Angoran Mousso Esther, Okon Anne Blandine, brothers and sisters in Bakanou A S/P de Sikensi and Abidjan,

The extended Angoran family in Bakanou within Sikensi prefecture, in Abidjan, in France and in Canada,


Madam Angoran nee Sissoko Anna and children:

  • Mrs. Angoran Niti - Sako, spouse and children in Abidjan,

  • Mrs. Angoran Inès - Regnier, spouse and children in Abidjan,

  • Mrs. Angoran Eniloe in Abidjan,

  • Mrs. Angoran Alix in Canada,

  • Mr. Angoran Josias in Canada,

Mr. N’Guessan Akou Antoine, Advocate General at the Court of Cassation, Madam, and children in Abidjan and in France,

Dr Agbessi Thérèse - Kouassi, spouse and children in Abidjan, Canada and Cameroon,


Dr Viviane Niamba -Tchotch and children in Abidjan and Canada,

Dr Apollinaire Aka Dieket, Regional Director of Health, Mrs and children in Abidjan,

Mr. Edmond Appia, Mrs and children in Abidjan,

Colonel Major Louis Théodore Angah and children in Abidjan and the United States,

Mr. Aristide Ackah, brothers and sisters in Abidjan, Mrs Élise Gnagne and children in Abidjan,


His friends: Dr Eni Gerald Njoku, Dr André Gaudet, Dr Maurice Tsacoé, Agnimel, Pr Kassanyou Salami, Pr Ezani Niamkey,

His collaborators: Daniel Gnagni, Guillaume Djedjro, Alpha Dembélé, Amos Diby,

The executives of the department of Sikensi and of the Agnébi-Tissia region,


Allied families: Minister Abdoulaye Sawadogo and Mrs., Raoul

Zabavy, village chief of Fresco and family, Fily Sissoko, Dago Akribi, Nanga  Tchotch,  Sako,  Regnier,  Djomand,  M’Gbra  N’Guessan,  Fred Gogo and Mrs.,



The Death occurred on Saturday, June 13, 2020.


Due to government provisions to prevent the coronavirus pandemic, the funeral program will run as follows:

Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17, Thursday 18 June 2020: 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. GMT


Condolences will be received at the family home located at Cocody Riviera 3 Sideci, in strict compliance with the protective measures (mandatory face mask, hand sanitization, social distancing).


Friday June 19, 2020: 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. GMT


Prayer and tribute vigil will be held at the family home located at Cocody Riviera 3 Sideci. It will also be broadcasted  online here, on facebook and youtube.

The burial will be held in strict family privacy.